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Writer's Block: 9/11 Where were you? - Caffeination / Livejournal Notebook
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Writer's Block: 9/11 Where were you?

See: http://www.livejournal.com/misc/latestqotd.bml?qid=2804

I was where I almost always am - in Chicago, going about my day. Regrettably, practically nobody else in the US has seemed to have found the sense to do that at any time in the last 11 years and change. It is a real shame what happened to the thousands of innocent bystanders, both in the air and on the ground, of course, and a real crime that this was made to happen to them by evil design, but that having been said, I'm tired of hearing about the incident. I'm tired of watching self-styled patriots use that one incident as a club to beat over the heads of anybody who would question anything those in power have done for years. Bin Ladin is dead, Qadaffi is dead, Saddam Hussein is dead. Al Quaeda is on the run. Yet, those taken captive on a broadly defined battlefield that seems to take in whole countries continue to be held in Guantanamo without charge or due process, where they are expected to wait until the cessation of an undeclared war on a largely undefined enemy, which would be determined ... how? We are not told and we are not supposed to ask. Torture has been used as a tool of interrogation, as if such techniques had not been discredited on both a moral and a practical, psychological level, and by simple common sense - make somebody hurt enough, and he'll say anything to make the pain stop. Did anybody really not know that?

There are thugs I worry about in the world, but none so much as the pack we're growing, right here at home, applauded and supported by a population of useful idiots who can't seem to bring themselves to answer one simple question: If you are killed by a storm trooper, are you any less dead than you would have been if you had been killed by a terrorist? How short these memories are, historically! Authoritarian regimes - and that's what the US has been slowly evolving into - as a group, do not have a history of placing a great value on human life. We've all seen the cops gone wild videos, and we've seen the legislative response - laws criminalizing the videotaping of police officers on duty. Look at Washington, and you see the makings of a bureaucratically run despotism. Look at those cops, and you see our version of the Sturm Abteilung, slowly developing. Put them together, and a good chunk of our population seems ready and eager to do that, and you have a tyranny with a long reach and a solid base of support, taking shape.

It is a weak minded fool who embraces the greater danger out of fear of the lesser, and a nation of fools has been doing just that. Two buildings and a few thousand lives lost. Far more lives are lost in traffic accidents every year than were lost on 911, and yet we're still expected to keep a straight face as these latter day fascists tell us that we shouldn't insist on our right to privacy or other civil liberties, any more, because "911 changed everything" - but it didn't. It just served as a handy excuse to do things that no decent person could defend, and I'm tired of it.

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